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High Quality Reserach Chemicals sale. We only supply high quality products without any additions. This means that it all our Research Chemicals have the purity of 100%. Our products also do not contain harmful substances. They have also been tested in test center NL.

Fast delivery & Discrete All orders are sent immediately after payment in most cases. The delivery time is 1-3 days in Europe, out of Europe 5-8 days. Small orders are sent with the normal letter post so that it can sometimes take a day longer.

Payment method is made by Ideal / Mister Cash or Bitcoins. The Ideal / Mistercash does go through a small detour. The advantage of paying with bitcoin is that the payment is arranged anonymously and faster compared to a bank transfer. In most cases, the amount is immediately in our wallet, that means, we can help you with in a few minutes.

Do you want to buy 4FMP? Unfortunately, this is no longer possible since1 April 2017 because this product no longer falls under the Research Chemicals. For all the other popular Research Chemicals you are at the right address! We offer a large number of products and can guarantee the quality. We have several Reseach Chemicals, you can buy 3-MMC, you can buy Benzo Fury (6-APB) or maybe you want to buy 3-CMC?

Our products are meant for research purposes. This is at your own risk. All products that we sell are also carefully weighed and are clearly indicated on the packaging for which product it is and what the quantity is. Online you always have to be careful what you buy because there are many bad research powders in circulation. Our products have all been tested in various test centers and do not contain any other additions. It also happens that other suppliers cut / dilute their products with cheap raw materials in order to make more profit. In addition, it may also be that the manufacturer uses bad and / or contaminated raw materials, so that you get a dangerous product.

At Chempowders you will get the best Research Chemicals for the best prices. 100% Quality without any additions

Wil je 4FMP kopen? Dat is helaas niet meer mogelijk vanaf 1 april 2017 doordat dit product niet meer onder de research chemicals valt. Voor andere research chemicals ben je bij ons wel aan het juiste adres! Wij bieden een groot aantal producten en kunnen de kwaliteit garanderen. We hebben meerdere Reseach Chemicals de populairste research was 4FMP/ 4FA. Deze is te verkrijgen in poeder vorm en ook in capsules. Onze producten zijn bedoelt voor research doeleinden. Dit is uiteraard geheel op eigen risico. Alle producten die wij verkopen worden ook nauwkeurig afgewogen en staat duidelijk op de verpakking om welk product het gaat en wat de hoeveelheid is. Online moet je altijd voorzichtig zijn wat je koopt want er zijn namelijk veel slechte research poeders in omloop. Onze producten zijn allemaal getest in diverse testcentrum en bevatten geen andere toevoegingen. Het komt ook voor dat andere leveranciers hun producten versnijden/ verdunnen met goedkope grondstoffen om zo meer winst te kunnen maken. Daarnaast kan het ook zijn dat de fabrikant slechte en/ of vervuilde grondstoffen gebruikt waardoor je een gevaarlijk product krijg.

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